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Best Business Events (BBE)
Terms and Conditions for registered delegates

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and you agree that the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute.
By placing an order for BBE, paying an invoice or otherwise acknowledging these Terms and Conditions, the Customer accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction
1.1 These are the terms and conditions for BBE that govern registration of and attendance at an Event (as defined below) owned, operated or provided by Best Business Events.  These Event Terms are in addition to our Standard Terms and Conditions which can be viewed on our website (bestbusinessevents.co.uk)
Your attendance and participation at an Event, and your enjoyment of any other benefits associated with an Event, is conditional on you complying with these Event Terms.
1.2 Please note:
(a) where you register for and attend a BBE, these Event Terms will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and will operate as between BBE and you, to the maximum extent permissible under the law of the territory in which you are located.

2. Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:
BBE means Best Business Events
Customer means you or the customer named on the Invoice or a party which otherwise attends the BBE event;
2.1 “you/your” means (as appropriate), the attendee or participant as a registered delegate at an Event.
2.2 “we/us/our” means BBE as appropriate in accordance with Clause 1.2 above.
2.3 “Additional event” means, without limitation, any networking event, arranged by BBE  for participation by Registered Delegates during or in relation to any Event.
2.4 “Additional event terms” means the supplementary terms that may be applicable to additional events, pursuant to Clause 11.1.
2.5 “Agent” means an employee, partner, director, agent or representative of a company or other legal entity.
2.6 “Content” means all materials, data, information and products provided as, relating to or forming part of the Event.
2.7 “Event” means, without limitation, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, webinars, meetings, round table workshops, award dinners, public training, private or bespoke training and additional events.
2.8 “Event Confirmation” means our acceptance of your registration for a place at the relevant Event in writing (including by electronic mail).
2.10 “Intellectual Property” means copyright, trade-marks, database rights and/or any other intellectual property rights as recognised in any jurisdiction.
2.11 “Registered Delegate” means an individual who has registered with us to attend or access an Event, either in their own personal capacity, or as an Agent.

3. Registered Delegate
3.1 In order to access an Event (or specific Content within certain websites for the purposes of attending an Event), you must register with us as a Registered Delegate either:
(a) in your own personal capacity, in which case you will be the Registered Delegate for the Event, or
(b) as an Agent of a company or other legal entity, in which case such company or other legal entity will be the Registered Delegate for the Event.
3.2 In the event that you are an Agent, by agreeing to these Event Terms as set out below, you warrant that you have authority to agree to these Event Terms on behalf of the relevant Registered Delegate and the Registered Delegate shall be bound by these Event Terms.

4. Registering for an event
4.1 You may request registration of a place at an Event by
(a) completing a registration form through our website or other form as a “Registered Delegate”; or
(b) contacting us through e-mail or telephone in accordance with the instructions from our website; or
(c) contacting our representative at an Event that you are already attending to register a place on another 
4.2 When requesting registration as set out above, you must provide us with accurate and complete information. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to that information (including, without limitation, your email address where requested), by updating your details on the relevant section of the applicable website or contacting us using contact details on the applicable website or such other contact information as is provided to you in any Event Confirmation (as defined below). If you do not provide accurate and complete information in connection with your registration, we may not be able to provide you with access to the Event or Content that you request or that are suitable to you. It is also your responsibility to inform us of any special access requirements at the time of requesting registration of a place at an Event.

5. Confirmation of your booking
5.1 All registrations for an Event (requested pursuant to Clause 4 above) are subject to availability and acceptance by us, which shall be at our absolute discretion. In the event that we accept your requested registration and subject to first receiving all reasonable information that we may require from you, we shall confirm our acceptance of your registration by issuing an Event Confirmation to you.
5.2 Upon the issuing by us of the Event Confirmation to you, there will be a legally binding contract between you and us to which these Event Terms shall apply.
5.3 Please read these Event Terms carefully. These Event Terms may be amended in accordance with Clause 18 below. It is your responsibility to bring these Event Terms to the attention of anyone who may, through you, register a place at an Event or view or use any Content. It is also your responsibility to bring the Event Terms to the attention of the relevant company or other legal entity where that company or other legal entity is the Registered Delegate. If you have any questions regarding these terms with any of the BBE Events then please contact us at info@bestbusinessevents.co.uk

6. Fees
6.1 The applicable fees for an Event shall be published by us on our website and/or in any of our other publications and we shall confirm such fees in our Event Confirmation pursuant to Clause 5 above. You shall pay the applicable fees in accordance with the instructions contained in the Event Confirmation.
6.2 Any applicable taxes such as value added taxes shall be in addition to the fee and you shall be notified of any such taxes in the Event Confirmation.
6.3 Fees for an Event are correct at the time of publication, but we reserve the right to amend the fees at any time but shall not affect any registrations for which an Event Confirmation has already been issued pursuant to Clause 5.1 above.

7. Payment policy
Registrations can only be confirmed upon receipt of payment or proof of payment and discounted fees will only apply when payment is received within the offer period. If payment is not received before the event, delegates will be asked to guarantee payment at registration with a personal credit card. Late payments made after the event maybe subject to an additional administration fee of 10% of the booking price

8. Changes to an event
8.1 Whilst our Event programmes are correct at the time of publication, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary for us to alter the format, content, venue and/or timing of an Event. All Registered Delegates shall be notified of such changes prior to an Event.
8.2 We reserve the right to delete or change any aspect of the Content and/or any of the technical specifications relating to an Event or any aspect of the same. You agree and acknowledge that such changes may result in you being unable to access the whole or any part of an Event for some time but we shall remedy this in accordance with our cancellation and refund policy.

9. Cancellations and Refunds
9.1 If you cannot attend an Event for which you have registered, please contact the designated person outlined in the Event Confirmation in writing as soon as possible (and in any event no later than 24 hours before the Event). We may at our absolute discretion allow you to send a substitute in your place or allow you to attend the next available Event (provided we have received the details of such substitute).
9.2 If you wish to cancel your attendance at an Event, you must notify us in writing and the following cancellation charges shall apply as follows:
A full refund will only be given, and no cancellation charge will be made on cancellations received in writing one calendar month prior to the event.  Please ensure that you have received a reply in response to your cancellation.
Thereafter we regret that no refunds can be made. Registered Delegates may be substituted at any time.
No refunds will be given at any time on, sponsorship packages or dinner bookings.
9.3 We may in exceptional circumstances need to postpone or cancel an Event and we shall notify you as soon as reasonably practicable of any such postponement or cancellation and issue you a full refund as is necessary. Our liability to you as a result of any cancellation or postponement of an Event shall be limited to the amount of fees you have paid to us for the Event only and we will not be liable for any additional expenditure, loss or damages incurred by you as a result of such cancellation or postponement.


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