XELLA Silka - build an apartment in a day challenge 

In 2019 MFS completde the construction of the structural walls of a one bedroom apartment ready to receive the Precast Floors, LIVE at the South East Construction Expo 2019.

The build progress was visible throughout the day and attendees to the show were encouraged to visit the ‘Xella Lounge’ situated behind the construction area to learn more about the Silka Element System. Visitors were able to observe the MFS team hard at work laying each Silka block using the Lissmac mini-cranes.

The speed of construction had to be seen to be believed!


“Building the Future with Xella” Presentations at 10.30am and 2.30pm 

Xella is at the very forefront of construction industry technologies and will be demonstrating some of their most exciting innovations during their talk. Topics will include a practical demonstration of their mixed reality Hololens (accurate to within 2mm), the Holocube visualisation tool as well as developments in BIM, Cloud collaboration, 3D-4D printing, use of Drones, IFC & BCF and the Circular Economy.

There is no need to book for these events, just come along to the Xella Lounge, which is situated in the Robins Hall behnd the MFS Silka Element Challenge Build.

More information on Hololens here. 

XELLA - solution provider

Xella is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building solutions with products made from calcium silicate and aerated concrete. It’s products are used in residential and non-residential buildings through over 30 different countries worldwide. In the United Kingdom, Xella is known for its Silka, Ytong, Hebel and Multipor brands. Xella has a clear mission: to build reliably by using innovative products and services.

SILKA building system : innovative and economical 

The Silka building system is a labour-friendly and fast build solution, perfect for building large residential projects where time is money.  It can be used for load-bearing and non load-bearing walls. By using Silka it is easy to meet the demands of todays construction industry , such as air-tightness, fire protection and sound insulation. Significant reductions in building time and waste on site can also be achieved. 

Silka calcium silicate elements are versatile and flexible building blocks, made of natural raw materials, with some unique qualities, such as heat accumulation, high compressive strength, fire resistance and  excellent acoustic insulation. The “breathing” qualities of Silka are extremely suited to good moisture regulation thus contributing to a pleasant living.

Digital planning service  - BIM

Xella is a pioneer in the field of digital planning services for the realisation of construction projects. Xella’s digital planning service, offers you all ser­vices that make your construction projects easier, faster and more cost-effective right from the start. In addition, our experts can help you optimise the selection of materials for your individual needs.

Material optimisation, failure and cost reductions , time savings – these are the main advantages of digital planning with BIM.  Also in UK.

For more information contact silka-uk@xella.com or go to www.xella.co.uk

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