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Full programme


7:00 am

Norfolk Pavillion


Business Networking Breakfast


7:30 am 


Stand out and scale up

Anne Timpany
Co Founder & Director, On Tap Plumbers

Come and hear Anne who has big dreams, an amazing vision and strong leadership. Anne won the prestigious national NatWest Everywoman Award in 2017 as well as two businesswomen awards. 


8:00 am 



From the hallway to the boardroom with no cash

Kevin Byrne

Kevin will tell his story of how he built a household brand with zero investment, with just an idea and passion he built a 300 plus strong team that produced a service used by a quarter of the UK households in 2017. 


8:30 am 



5 Quick powerful tips to build your business with video NOW

Laurie Philip
Production Manager, SmugShot Videos



9:15 am


Welcome and Introduction 

By Jane Ollis


9:30 am 

Queens 1


Design is about improving things that matter in life

Wayne Hemingway MBE
Hemingway Design, The Design Council Board

Impactful regeneration comes from creative people not big pots of money.  Developers need to change or they will go the way of dinosaurs.



9:30 am



Dealing in facts

Neil Edwards
Chief Executive, Builders Conference trade association 

  • What is the forecast going forward for 2019?
  • Where are those construction projects?
  • What sectors are the busiest in the construction sector?


9:30 am

Queens 2


Cyber essentials and best practice cyber security

Mark Philip
Advanced Cyber Practitioner, ADM Computing

Find out about the Government backed scheme and a better understanding of current cyber threats and top tips for better security



10:15 am



Gatwick Airport – Investing to grow

Julian Raison
Head of Construction, Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport’s five-year capital programme will see the airport investing £1.11 billion up to 2023. This presentation will showcase some of the major projects which are part of that investment and demonstrate how the airport plans to grow from existing and new infrastructure.



10:15 am

Queens 1


Protecting your brand

Andrew Murch
Attorney, Nucleus-IP

Intellectual property is the most important asset many businesses own yet only 1 in 10 have protected it.
Find out how to protect yourself at minimum cost and how to make money from your intellectual property



10:15 am

Queens 2


Internet of Things – constructing health and safety in industry 4.0

Dr David Greenberg

David will inspire you to implement new innovative technology to protect your workers.
The IoT is changing the health and safety industry by improving productivity, efficiency and safety



10:15 am



Build a digital marketing plan

Chami Coomasaru
Google Digital Garage

How to create a digital marketing strategy for your business that gets results and ways to measure its success



11:00 am



Construction procurement in the South East – how to do business with us

Jason Edwards, Category and Commercial Manager, Orbis
Keith Heard, Commercial Manager, Hampshire County Council
John Farrer, Framework Manager, Orbis 
John Ely, Estimating Director, Sunninghill Construction Co. Ltd

Orbis (Brighton & Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council, Surrey County Council) and Hampshire County Council will discuss regional and local construction procurement in the South East.  
Come and find out about the many opportunities which exist and how to do business with us.



11:00 am

Queens 1


Kier, the business case for BIM

Andy Radley
Group BIM Director, Kier Construction

An insight into Kier’s BIM/Digital offering. The challenges in implementation and driving change in a Tier 1 multinational.
Helping Kier reach its growth targets under its 2020 strategy



11:00 am

Queens 2


Lower Thames Crossing – Procurement overview

Jonathan Ferry
Head of Tunnel Procurement, Lower Thames Crossing

The high level proposed procurement strategy and approach for delivering the Crossing, the timeline of key milestone, vision and proposed procurement approach.
PLUS the opportunities for the supply chain at all tiers and access points



11:30 am



Introduction to digital advertising

Chami Coomasaru
Google Digital Garage

A highly effective way to grow your business.  Develop an advertising plan and set up online advertising campaigns that will increase your business visibility



11:45 am



How the construction sector is preparing for Brexit

Allan Wilen, Economics Director, Glenigan
Guy Hannell, Director, Beard Construction
Richard Bernau, Senior Director, Financial Services Brexit Team, KPMG

Demand for housing and commercial space and major infrastructure projects suggest the construction sector is in good health. But with Brexit negotiations creating uncertainty, businesses in this sector need to be equipped in order to survive and thrive post-Brexit




11:45 am

Queens 1


Where buying meets selling. How much of the £45bn in construction from the public sector do you want?

Glenn St John-Colgan
Group MD, Augmentas Group Ltd

Augmentas has an 88% success rate in tender and bidding support. 
Find out the tricks of the trade, how to find more opportunities no matter the size of your business
How to improve your chances of success and the dos and don’ts of bidding



12:30 pm



An overview of the London Resort (£3.4bn theme park)

Andy Martin
Communications Director, The London Resort 

How we have spent our time and money, the challenges faced by large infrastructure projects and overcome and a sense of what’s next..
Find out what stage the London Resort is at now and what happens next
The challenges faced by very large infrastructure projects 
What happens next



12:30 pm

Queens 1


The future of UK construction industry has arrived

Clive Bonny
Director, Passivpod

We have been in crisis for years. We fall short of targets, a shortage of bricks, not enough bricklayers. Massive waste from traditional methods. Come and  hear a sustainable and affordable solution 



12:30 pm

Queens 2


De-risking brownfield development sites

Peter George
Managing Director, GO Contaminated Land Solutions

A brief overview of the current legislative framework, and the planning system to deal with historical contamination
Managing the risk to human health, the environment, your investment



12:45 pm



Know your business with data analytics

Chami Coomasaru
Google Digital Garage

How to measure your digital marketing online, set up an analytics account, trends, search and how to interpret the data



1:00 pm



VIP Networking Reception

By invitation only - canapés from Graysons


2:00 pm



Passive design for a challenging environment

James Staniland
Director, Brinson Staniland Partnership

Reduced U-values and air tightness in Building Regs is causing many buildings to overheat due to designers not introducing appropriate passive measures in ‘heating only buildings.
Hear about planning requirements for avoidance of overheating with BSP case studies.



2:00 pm

Queens 1


The skills gap challenge in the construction sector

Discussion headed by Stephanie McCann, Head of Procurement, East Sussex County Council
Dan Shelley, East Sussex College Group
Sarra Hawes, Hawes Construction

What are the key challenges for skills and recruitment and what are employers doing about it?
The benefits of task group membership

The task group has secured over 100k to develop new degree apprenticeships in construction for the University of Brighton.  What could you help us do next?



2:00 pm

Queens 2


Making the most of LinkedIn for your construction business

Jade Pluck
LinkedIn to Success

Brand awareness is essential for your business. The leads will come directly to you.  Let people see the construction projects you have worked on, how successful they are and feedback from happy clients.  Do this successfully and subtly via the content you share on LinkedIn.  Get the confidence to start posting your projects



4:30 pm


Exhibition closes



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